Jon Bladen the owner of New Forest Fireworks has a 16 year unblemished safety record, one of the best in the UK firework industry. This is a summary of how we stay safe:

Comprehensive site risk assessment - Every display we put on has its own specific risk assessment. This provides the input to the display plan, including the calibre of material used and required safety distances.

Safety distances - We use more generous safety distances than many firework companies. Our distances are calculated from how far the fireworks used on your display can travel; we keep the crowd and fireworks safely separated.

Steel racks - Wooden racks and structures are still used by many firework companies. We believe that steel racks are more able to withstand the forces that are involved with fireworks (or firework malfunctions). We have developed our own range of modular steel racks, keeping our crowds safe.

Deflection boards - We use wooden deflection boards in front of smaller fireworks. If these fireworks malfunction the deflection boards act as a barrier, projectiles are directed away from the crowd.

Maintenance and inspection - In order to ensure that our equipment is in top condition we have an inspection and maintenance programme.

Company risk assessment - We have produced a company risk assessment, this covers how we operate to reduce risk at all levels. As a customer you will only see how we work on site. Rest assured our storage, planning, preparation of fireworks and transport all have the same attention to detail.

Training - New Forest Fireworks carries out training needs assessment for its employees. All lead crew hold ADR driving certificates and New Forest Fireworks supports the British Pyrotechnic Association training programme.

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