Low Noise Firework Displays

New Forest Fireworks provide specialist Low Noise displays for the most sensitive locations. We do this by using specially imported fireworks that have no bangs / loud noises.

Where required we can provide sound levels in decibels of our fireworks. These types of display are available on their own or in pyromusical form, where the music will usually be louder than the fireworks!

Jon Bladen, the owner of New Forest Fireworks, has successfully provided this type of Low Noise display annually for a school in the New Forest for over 7 years. This school is surrounded by paddocks and the open forest - proof that fireworks and nature can exist happily side-by-side.

Key Facts:

We are always keen to hear from you for any firework display requirement, particularly if you are looking for a solution in a sensitive location and would like to discuss or have a demonstration of Low Noise fireworks. We can be contacted either by using our online enquiry form or on 07879 835508.

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